Will backpacks be allowed?

Only small purses, fanny packs, or drawstring backpacks will be allowed; backpacks are not allowed, per venue.


Will I be allowed back in the venue if I leave?

Yes, but you must have your badge on you at all times.


Will there be free water?

There are water fountains available at the venue.  Water bottles will not be allowed unless purchased at venue. The venue encourages hydration and refilling purchased water bottles at fountains is allowed.


Are the shows seated or standing?

There will be limited seating available on a first come first serve basis.


What happens if someone cuts in line?

Their badge will be pulled and they will be escorted out of the venue.


Will Yondr bags be used or can we keep our phones?

Yondr bags will not be used and you may keep your phones; however, you may not take out or use your phone in any way during naked roast battle.


What happens if someone takes their phone out during naked roast battle?

They will be expelled and are permanently banned from all future Skankfest events.


When will ticket pairings for buyers/sellers be over?

End of business Wednesday


What’s the link to the Mint Comedy Live Stream?



Is Skankfest going to be on YouTube?

No, you can watch it live and up to 72 hours on Mint Comedy: https://welcome.mintcomedy.com/skankfestlanding.html


Do Yo Kratom and Golden Ticket holders get access to the Thursday pre-party?

No – those tickets are access to Friday-Sunday.


Can we see shows like Big Jay’s Special recoding more than once?

Technically, yes; however, we encourage you to check out each show only once to give everyone at the festival an opportunity to see everything. Most shows are going to happening two or three times throughout the festival.