Feb 14 2020

New trailer! New acts! We’re 6 weeks out!

by Luis J. Gomez

Hey Skanks,

We can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are for Skankfest South! We just released the 2nd official trailer courtesy of Gorilla Man Productions and we are adding new names daily! On top of the already stellar lineup that you can check out (HERE), we just added Nick DiPaolo, Jeff Dye, Annie Lederman, Todd Glass, Steve Ranazzissi, Shane Mauss, Andrew Santino, Brian Moses, Roast Battle, How Cum Podcast, and many others! Keep checking back daily for new additions but this is shaping up to be the craziest Skankfest lineup ever!!! The team and I are going down to Houston for our final production walk thru next week! Will post some pics here. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet please do so now! We are very close to being sold out and we are still almost 6 weeks out! Grab your tickets (HERE)!