All Lineups Subject to Change

Yo Kratom Stage

12:00 pm
Part Of The Problem

Dave Smith expounds upon current events, our government, foreign policy, and all things Libertarian.

Dave Smith | Robbie Bernstein | Tim Dillon | Sam Tripoli

4:00 pm
Matt & Shane’s Secret Podcast

Shane Gillis | Matt McCusker

8:00 pm
Legion Of Skanks

Big Jay Oakerson | Dave Smith | Luis J. Gomez

w/ Special Guests

10:00 pm

DanceSafe Stage

1:00 pm
Big Jay Oakerson Special Taping 1

Big Jay Oakerson

MC: Luis J. Gomez

4:00 pm
Big Jay Oakerson Special Taping 2

Big Jay Oakerson

MC: Luis J. Gomez

7:00 pm
You Know What Dude?

Bobby Kelly hosts a true comic hang

Robert Kelly | Jim Norton | Rich Vos

11:00 pm
Hustle and Flow

Cam Groves | Crack Amico | Palmer Squares

Decentral Comedy

1:00 pm
Stoner Dads

These are the tales of a highly functional dad of stone.

Tim Butterly | Sidney Gantt | Matt McCusker

3:00 pm
Here's The Scenario

Comedians Mike Feeney, Mike Cannon and Brendan Sagalow take on the “what if’s” of the world.

Mike Feeney | Mike Cannon | Brendan Sagalow

7:00 pm
Guys We Fucked

Hailed as changing the way society thinks about female sexuality,

Corinne Fisher | Krystyna Hutchinson | Kerryn Feehan | Chloe LaBranche


3:00 pm

Jason Ellis