Yashar Kafi

With his dry, deadpan delivery, Iranian born comedian Yashar Kafi wields stereotypes of gender, race, nationality, and religion, not only in their classic senses but in their current mass cultural paradigms as well. He affirms many modern views to be correct and others to be ridiculous, calling into question the way we have come to look down on certain groups in this new generation, as well as lampooning the bigotry of the past. Yashar’s unabashed honesty is what disarms his audiences and holds them captive with a broader understanding of what truly makes America great. He will leave you laughing and wanting to cry at the same time – you’d be sorry to miss this show.

Just two years after beginning stand up, Yashar advanced to the semi-finals in KTLA’s Find Me a Comic competition, beating out hundreds of seasoned competitors. In 2016, Yashar placed 2nd in LA’s Funniest Comic contest in the Headliner category. In 2018, he was a two-time 2nd place Satellite Winner at the World Series of Comedy. A man of many talents, Yashar has starred in over 100 student films. You can find Yashar sharing his love of Chuck Norris on his Instagram page or on the streets of Pasadena, feeding local stray cats.