Sidney Gantt


11:00 pm
Stand-Up Showcase at The Tank


1:00 pm
Stoner Dads at Decentral Comedy
9:00 pm
Stand-Up Showcase at DanceSafe Stage


5:00 pm
Stand-Up Showcase at The Tank

Sidney Gantt is a Philly based comedian, podcaster, the most athletic person you’ll ever meet, and reluctantly handsome. Sidney blends his chaotic upbringing, absurd philosophies, and ridiculous observations into one charismatic package in a way that resembles an upstart cult leader. His life’s priorities are comedy, debauchery, and enlightenment and he’s one half of the podcast Two Jacked Bros, one third of the podcast Stoner Dadz and can be seen in Gilly and Keeves Sketches asĀ  well as the sketch show Philly Court.