Nick Libatore

Elemenopy is described as a lively and energetic rock duo described as “Simon and Garfunkel meets The Smashing Pumpkins”, these two multi instrumentalists blend the subtlety of singer-songwriter intimacy and passion, with the aggression and fun spirit of rock star theatrics, to create an unexpectedly fresh and dynamic genre-bending sound. Their live performance has been called “vaudevillian,” “intense,” and “inspiring,” and is like no two-person act you’ve ever seen before… Nick and Joel generate a completely unique and intense full band sound by rotating through a myriad of instruments onstage (including Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass, Drum Kit, Keyboard, Congas, Hand drums & other percussion, etc.) and by utilizing multiple effects and looping. New audiences are inevitably left shocked and dumbfounded after ELEMENOPY leaves the stage, consistently voicing their amazement that “all that sound came from just two guys!” And devoted fans always return to see “what they will do next,” as Nick and Joel are never satisfied to play the same show twice and they always have something new and exciting to unveil.