Na’im Ali

Na’im Ali, the hilarious comedian hailing from the streets of Philadelphia, brings a unique blend of sharp observation and street-smart humor to the stage. As a finalist in Philly’s Phunniest competition, Ali has proven his comedic chops and earned his stripes in the fiercely competitive comedy scene of the City of Brotherly Love.

He hosts 3 of the most entertaining podcast, Durag and the Deertag, Ayo Actually, and The Ramble with Na’im Ali. Also he is a recurring guest on some of your favorite podcast Legion of Skanks, Real Ass Podcast, Matt & Shane’s Secret Podcast, Bein Ian with Jordan and more. Currently Na’im is featuring on the road with Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis.

With his infectious energy, razor-sharp wit, jokes based off of his real life experiences Na’im Ali delivers laughs that resonate long after the show is over.