Mat Edgar

Mat Edgar is a California native who started stand up comedy at the world famous Comedy Store in 2007 where he was bestowed the moniker “The Edge.” In just four years The Edge climbed the ranks to paid regular where he spent the next decade buried in the late night portion of the shows. There he honed his style of what would later be described by his colleagues as “stupid funny.” In that time Mat would tour the country opening for rock bands where his Comedy Store late night training would flourish. In 2016 Mat created the award winning audio drama “Kevin’s Cryptids” with four of his best friends from high school. In the same time he teamed up with Tony Hinchcliffe, Chris Burns, and Johnny Skourtis to create The Comedy Store’s premiere pro wrestling podcast “The Store Horsemen.” 2016 was also the same year he made his Comedy Central debut on Ari Shaffir’s story teller show “This Is Not Happening.” 2020 brought Mat Edgar’s debut album “Take The L.” In 2023 he started his own live comedy show “Emo Comedy Night” where he roasts emo music in between comedians performing. The Edge continues to kill crowds with a fare balance of loose crowd work and tight jokes all falling under his signature “stupid funny” style.