Lauryn Petrie

Lauryn Petrie is a writer, comedian, cartoon creator, reformed drug addict, murder nerd, ex-stripper, and former autopsy tech. She happily walks the line between self-deprecation and self-destruction. Originally from Austin TX, her life reads like an after school special. At 18 she ran away to pursue a life of destruction and debauchery. She started doing stand-up in Portland, OR After a DMT trip and somehow avoided becoming a pretentious, triggered, vegan before she moved to NYC. In March 2019 she was a part of the first annual Bad B*tch Revolution Comedy Festival. In June she performed at Skankfest and was a guest on Sam Tripoli’s wildly popular Tin Foil Hat Podcast, and in October she opened for Sam Tripoli & Eddie Bravo at the Gramercy Theatre. She opened for Jessica Kirson (2018) and Judah Friedlander (2016) at New York Comedy Festival.

Lauryn and Jonas Barnes are the Co-Producers of “The Headliner Series” currently featured at the Tiny Cupboard in Bushwick.