Kat Ramzinski

Kat Ramzinski is a Stand Up Comic, Writer, and Musician from Austin, TX, best known for her story-telling abilities and that time she was stabbed. She’s been featured on NBC’s “First Look” as her musical comedy/hip hop persona Versace Kolache, as well as the comedy docuseries “Cracking Up” on the Mental Health Channel, and the PBS show “Stand Up Empire”. Kat has appeared in such films as “Pictures of Superheroes,” the Virtual Reality short “The Superlative Light”, and voiced the character Sherry on the hit Rooster Teeth series “Red Vs. Blue”. Her wrestling podcast SuperChick Party was a poor choice, but she’s learning from it. Her musical-comedy endeavors have garnered her the title of the reigning Fantastic Fest Nerd Rap Throwdown Champion since 2016, with comedy rap battle videos that have amassed over 20-million views on the Chickbait and Nerdist Youtube channels. She’s hit the stage for Fun Fun Fun Fest, Moontower Comedy Festival, End of the Earth Fest, Ladies are Funny Fest, Rob Van Dam’s “Whole F’n Comedy Tour”, and opened for hip hop queen Cupcakke on the “Ephorize Tour”. You can catch Kat hosting “Kolache Party” every Thursday at Creek and the Cave Austin, or loitering in a parking lot upset and confused.