Justin Tietjen

Since 2013 Justin has captured audiences with his unique perspective, delivery and incredible smile. With Justin’s quiet and shy demeanor crowds have a hard time guessing what his approach will be giving him the element of surprise. As someone with many obstacles, Justin’s material centers on his life, observations, and the struggles of caring about the environment; or the fact that not many people use common sense when it come to coffee shops and grocery stores.
What makes Justin stand out from other comedians is his delivery, pacing, and cadence. For a while he would ignore the elephant in the room because he wanted to fit in, but then he started facing his challenges head on Instead of ignoring them. Ever since he started acknowledging the elephant in the room his material has become more authentic and real which helps people become more interested and aware of what others may go through on the inside even though it may seem like nothing is wrong from the outside. Justin believes that it is a comedian’s job to tell their story even when it is not that humorous but it is their responsibility to find the humor and make it more enjoyable to keep the audience engaged and want to stay and hear more.