Casey Rocket

Casey Rocket is an Austin-based comedian risen from the ashes of the speed freaks who came before him. Since moving to Texas in 2021, The Crab Man went from living in his Ford Escape to winning the inaugural Austin Comedy Competition.

A southern belle by nature, Rocket’s comedy career began in the pool halls of South Georgia before his riff-flowers blossomed in the fertile soil of the Atlanta comedy scene.

“Daft Rocket,” as no one calls him, is also an accomplished satirist. Over the years, his writing has been featured in humor outlets like Points In Case and Defenestration Magazine.

Most recently, Daft Rocket brought his unique brand of drug-fueled nonsense comedy to the Boston Comedy Festival, Milwaukee Comedy Festival, Aloha Comedy Festival, and many more.

Not to be ignored, his cult podcast “The Grimby Half-Hour Power Hour” is a hit among detox patients and compulsive gamblers. In riffs we trust.