Adam Dominguez

Described as “”Chaos with charisma”, Adam’s lust for life and the abnormal has given him a unique voice of comedy that delivers a heartfelt, sincere, and hilarious performance. Adam’s penchant for captivating storytelling and being present with his audience has made each show an experience and won over crowds all over the country, even garnering him the title of “Funniest Person in the Universe” in 2023. A bordertown Texas kid, now calling the lights of Las Vegas his home, Adam’s tales of optimistic deviancy and ne’er-do-wells have left their marks on comedy clubs on the famous Vegas Strip to the World Famous Comedy Store, to the stages of the “new mecca” in Austin, TX. Adam has also appeared on Amazon Prime with Laugh After Dark: Live in Las Vegas and OFTv by Onlyfans’ “LMAOF” (Episode 3) and ComedyReviewers have called him the “Nonchalant Comedic Genius” due to his ability to casually make a joke about the smallest subjects and make it relatable to audiences from around the globe. Adam also doesn’t know how to end his own bios and is actively working on bettering himself on that.